Learn a Two-Way Royal Video Poker Strategy

Many of the online casinos that are powered by Playtech feature a vast variety of video poker games, one of which is known as Two-Way Royal video poker. This game is almost exactly like a traditional game of Jacks or Better, but players have access to an additional payout when they are able to complete a low straight flush--or the two, three, four, five and six that are all of the same suit. Please note that the Ace does not count in the low straight flush payout -- the straight must always begin with the two.

Players who follow a video poker strategy that applies to this game can achieve a payout rate of as much as 98% to 98.5%, believe it or not. First of all, the best advice available is about the Royal Flush. Four cards to the flush, whether high or low, will always be much stronger in a game of Two-way Royal, and therefore much more playable, than a straight, flush or full house. Similarly, four to a straight flush is also always better than any pair, and sometimes even two pair. Finally, three to a Royal Flush is always better than four to a straight, standard flush or full house.

Players who keep these tips in mind will undoubtedly win more money than the casual player who would rather attempt to complete a full house than attempt to get the fifth card to complete a Royal Flush. This is why video poker strategy is so very important. As an example, let's say that a player has received an Ace, two Kings-a spade and a club, a Queen, a Jack and a 10 all of clubs in the first five cards. A casual player would likely return everything but the two kings in hopes of completing a three or four of a kind. However, it would be in that player's best interest to attempt to complete the flush or even the Royal Flush.

Another great example to use is when the player is dealt the two, three, four and five of hearts as well as the Ace of spades. While one player may discard everything but the Ace in hopes of getting a pair, three of a kind or even four of a kind, the wise thing to do would be to discard the Ace. The player may draw the six of hearts to complete the low straight flush, but even an off-suited six would provide a higher payout.

No matter what the player does, the house will always have a certain amount of advantage. There is always an element of luck when it comes to playing video poker, and players should remember that no Two-Way Royal strategy is ever going to be without fail. However, when players implement it correctly, they will find that they lose much less money than they did before, even if the big wins fail to come. This is an excellent variation on one of the most popular casino games of all time, so players will do well to learn the strategy and how to implement it before spending their hard-earned cash.