The Facts about Mobile Video Poker

Some online games lend themselves more than others to playing on portable devices. Mobile Video Poker is becoming popular among Canadian gamblers on the go, because it's easy to play on an iPhone, iPad or tablet. Playing games like this on a portable device do take some adjusting to. However, unlike some action titles which require nimble fingers, Jacks or Better and similar casino pastimes are a bit slower paced. This is what makes them ideal for small devices.

Playing Jacks or Better and similar Video Poker variations is quite straightforward, on any device. Players first place a blind bet, of however many coins they wish, subject only to the casino betting limits. After the betting, a click on the "Deal" button issues the players hand of cards on screen. The player selects which of the cards are to be kept and then a second deal takes place to change the remaining cards. After the second deal, the hand on the players screen will either be a winner or a loser. In Jacks or Better, as the name implies, a player must hold at least a pair of Jacks to win a payout.

In order to play on an android or similar device, players must download an app for the specific title to be played. This is a little different to playing on a computer, where casino members can easily switch to and fro between different pursuits such as Blackjack, slots and Roulette. Many internet casinos now have a range of gaming apps to download and play on wither Android or Apple devices. As with the internet site software, apps can vary in their quality and playability.

Specialist casino resource sites often cite two top app recommendations for playing Jacks or Better. One of these recommended apps comes from established gaming site William Hill Casino. William Hill is a very well-respected, land-based book keeping organization. They moved into online gaming while it was still in its infancy and have been popular internet providers ever since. William Hill has a real-money play Android app on which gamblers can play Jacks or Better.

The other recommended Jacks or Better app is Spin Palace Casino. Their app is just one of many which they have developed for gamers on the go. While they haven't been around quite as long as William Hill, they have gained a very credible name for their attractively designed and themed online casino. The Spin Palace app is also for Android devices.

Spin Palace and William Hill are not the only casinos who provide downloadable mobile Video Poker apps: A Google search will reveal even more. While casino gambling on portable devices is a little less popular than playing online games at a full sized casino site, this is sure to change as mobile technology improves and players become more comfortable with it. Internet gamblers of the future will probably enjoy sharing many anecdotes about injuries sustained while watching their hand being dealt, instead of where they are walking.

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