Should You Play Louisiana Double Video Poker For Cash?

If you're a fan of cards but you've grown tired of all of the standard options available to you in online casinos, then you might be interested in checking out one from Microgaming that is known as Louisiana Double video poker. Like most similar titles, there's a jackpot for creating a royal flush with the maximum five-coin bet. This one is 2500 coins and since the maximum coin is $5 and you can play up to five of these, you have a shot at winning a cool $10,000 in a single hand. Of course, those who choose to spend more frugally can stick with a $0.25 single coin wager, too, though their jackpot will top out at only $100. It can be enjoyed just for fun or for real money.

Louisiana Double video poker progresses just like your typical Jacks or Better and you'll still only receive a payout with that minimum combination, but there is one major addition here that can certainly provide you with tons of money - the Double Card. When this appears in your hand along with a winning combination, whatever you win will be doubled regardless of the wager you placed. Of course, you can't have a Double Card along with a straight, a flush, a straight flush or a royal flush, so the payouts for these have been increased somewhat. To play, all you have to do is decide how much you'd like to stake and click 'Deal'. You'll receive five cards and you'll be able to decide which you want to hold by clicking them. You'll then click 'Deal' again to discard the rest and whatever is in your hand after that will determine your prize. This is done automatically by the software so you won't have to perform any calculations whatsoever. All you have to do is use skills and mathematical odds to determine your odds of receiving the cards you need to win.