How to Play Deuces and Joker Video Poker

Deuces and Joker Video Poker from Microgaming software is available as a free game with no download required. For those who are new to this specific variation, this means that they can learn the differences in rules and payouts without having to risk any of their hard-earned money. To start, this title progresses like any traditional video poker game in that users will choose a bet amount, click deal, and receive five cards. They will then determine which to hold and which to send back in order to build the strongest, most valuable hands possible. Of course, with every new variation comes a new set of rules and pay table, and these will need to be understood prior to making the first wager.

Software: Microgaming
Paylines: NA
Reels: NA
Min. Bet:
Max. Bet:

First and foremost, all 2s and Jokers act as wild cards here in order to give people a better shot at building excellent combinations. However, because this increases the odds of winning quite a bit, the pay scale has been changed dramatically. People will no longer receive payouts for pairs of Jacks, Queens, Kings or even Aces; rather, the lowest potential payout comes only with a three of a kind. In order, individuals can receive winnings for three of a kind, straight, full house, flush, Wild Royal flush, straight flush, four 2s, four Aces, any five of a kind, and, of course, the natural Royal flush built with no wilds at all. In addition to this, individuals can choose the speed at which things progress and even make use of an optional 'Double' feature in which they can guess whether a card is higher or lower than the one shown. If they lose, the amount they won is lost as well. However, if they win, they double their earnings and can continue to gamble in this manner as many times as they'd like.