Learning about Jack or Better Strategies

Video poker is one of the games in a casino which will serve its players with the capability of reducing the house edge significantly and increasing the chances of winning through calculations and the right play. One of these strategies you can use is the Jacks or Better Strategy. As the name suggests, Full play is the maximum amount a player can receive back from various paytables which depends on a five-coin bet which is the maximum. With the appropriate and astounding strategy, you may receive a payback percentage of 99.54%.

To start, you need to know the difference of maximum payouts from each paytable. The Royal Flush which is the highest will give you 800, a Straight flush will give you 50, Four of a kind will give you 25, Full house serves you back with 9, a Flush will give you back 6, Straight will present you back with 4, a Three of a kind will cater you with 3, a Two Pair will give you 2 and lastly, Jacks card or better which will give you 1.

Keep in mind this paytable as this will help you make a decision of what you're going to do in a game next. Always choose to retain the possible paytable which will give you back more based on the list mentioned above rather than those which are not even included on the paytable indicated. This is basically facing the facts and using them to gain the upper-hand in a game rather than relying on pure luck and intuition. In saying that you should retain the one with a higher amount in the paytable, you must also think about the possible draws you may receive especially when you're already in deep in the game.

There are also some hands that you should never play but let me spell out for you what to do with the cards in some specific scenarios. When you have a suited 10 and ace or 3 high cards unsuited and an ace or 4 to a straight inside with 2 high cards or another inside straight with a high card or another inside straight but with no high cards, always choose to retain and save only the highest cards where in the case of the last one, you should discard all. High cards are retained more as it will give you better odds, but you also need to weigh in what to retain depending on the possibilities you may see.

This jacks or better strategy will allow you to get better odds in playing video poker but remember that many things may happen within a game and it is better to be prepared for them.