Learning to Play CyberStud Poker

Reels: NA Exclusive Offer

There are tons of video pokers inside a casino, more than what you can count by hands, and it is almost empirical to find the best game out there which will serve you with more. Let me help you in deciding by giving you a suggestion. Cyberstud Poker is within this type of game which is also a variant from another game called Carribbean stud Poker. Compared to where it originated, it serves the players with incomparably more payouts and a far better progressive prize bet. Basically, if you are given the chance or choice of choosing between the two, then it is obvious that you should go with Cyberstud Poker as it has one of the most astounding payrates and rules and strategies that you may easily grasp and assimilate.

The game is started by placing a bet in Cyberstud which is called an ante. This ante will be your jumpstart and the game will start with five faced up cards to you and one faced up card with the dealer. You will then have a choice of folding your bet or a raise it. This will double your bet and the game progresses when the dealer takes hand of another four cards, after which the game and paybacks will be decided.

In this game, it is also best that the dealer gets inside the range of King to Ace. This will give you more chance of winning as when the dealer doesn't meet this, you'll only be able to receive a 1:1 payback and the amount of raise you made. But when the dealer meets this range, you should have a better hand than him as a worse hand will make you lose your bet and raise while the getting a far better hand will gain you specific payouts depending upon what hand you're playing.

The progressive jackpot bet for this game is also optional. Regardless of your bet or whether you win or lose, you will be able to receive specific payouts when you meet the indicated hands for the jackpot. In saying this, your progressive jackpot should achieve an amount of $150,000 or better, $234,000, in order for you to profit on this type of wage. A royal gets you the jackpot prize and the prize will move lower as your hand meets lower hands like a flush which will only give you $50.

It is also very fascinating to know that the strategies involve in this game are the same as in the Caribbean Stud poker but with higher payouts and jackpots. When you equip yourself with the right knowledge, you will definitely see that Cyberstud poker is worthy to play as it will give you chances to win more.